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Here is my selection of some great free Brazilian films online with English subtitles. From HD videos on Youtube of full Brazilian films to the latest best films from Brazil on Netflix. It goes from famous Brazilian gangster films to romantic drama’s. All legal streaming and downloading. They are all spoken in Portuguese and subtitled in English. 

Brazil, the most important country of Latin America. Economically it is starting to become one of the biggest player on the world market, and this is also becoming clear in world cinema. Each year it produces a large amount of excellent high quality films. Big current Brazilian directors like Nelson Pereiro dos Santos, Fernando Meirelles and Walter Salles have also produced films in Hollywood. However, as Brazil is a portuguese speaking country they have to put in a little more effort to get sales going (compared to Spanish-speaking countries).

In Brazil itself Netflix is a great option for watching films online with subtitles. As Netflix operates there, it also has a pretty large collection of recent Brazilian films with English subtitles. Fortunately for people who want to get introduced to Brazil’s cinema without paying money first, there are some free Brazilian films online on Youtube. Here is my selection.

City of God online

City of God hard subbed

According to many the best Brazilian film ever made. It is definitely the most popular one. Here you can watch this Brazilian gangster film ‘Cidade de Deus’ online with English subtitles.

Tropa de Elita online (2007) + Part 2 (2000)

Tropa de Elite (2007) – Elite Squad – Full (English Subtitles)

The writer of the City of God soon came with another world-wide blockbuster, Tropa de Elite or Elite Squad. Also playing in to the theme of the violent streets of Rio de Janeiro. It is a fantastic free Brazilian action crime film to watch online. Part 2 is also on Youtube with English subtitles.

Lamarca online (1994)

Lamarca (1994) – Full (English Subtitles)

A historic drama film about leftist guerilla warriors.

Astral City: A Spiritual Journey online

Lamarca (1994) – Full (English Subtitles)

A spiritual drama. Not really my cup of tea, but people seem to enjoy it.

More from Brazil:

Rasganco online

Rasganço / Rending (2001) – filme completo / full movie – english subtitles

Truth Profane online

João Rocha´s TRUTH PROFANE (english Subtitle) 2011 COMPLETE MOVIE

If you know of more English subtitled Brazilian films, let us know. We will update this list regularly.

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