Jagten, accordign to the Filmtransition.com the best Danish film of 2010-2014. Now on Netflix and Amazon instant video onilne

Free Scandinavian cinema online with English subtitles by country

Our selection of great free Scandinavian films online with English subtitles. Each Scandinavian country is covered. Watch Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish films online for free instantly. Free films from Scandinavia on Youtube, but also the newest Scandinavian films on Netflix. 

Denmark: Watch Free Danish films with English Subtitles online

By far my favorite film country of the last 10 years. Besides great comedy, drama and thrillers films Denmark also produce the greatest tv series like ‘The Killing’ and ‘Borgen’. Here we have found some excellent Danish films for free with English subtitles.

Klown online

According to many one of the best comedies of the 2010’s. It is at least absurd and fascinating.

Watch Klown

Teddy Bear online (2012)

According to The Filmtransition one of the Essential Danish films of the last few years. It is a wonderful drama about a body builder on his search for true love.

Watch Teddy Bear

Sweden – Free Swedish films with English subtitles online

Another amazing Scandinavian film country, Sweden. Swedish cinema has a tremendous history and has always influenced world cinema. It is currently still being considered to produce the best foreign films and together with Denmark to make amazing thriller series.

Here the Swedish films online that I found with English subtitles for free on Youtube. Just look them up on Youtube, and enjoy.

As it is in Heaven online (2004)

The great feel-good yet dramatic film As it is in Heaven has been a great introduction for most people to Swedish cinema. It is about a successful conductor who returns to his childhood village.  There he starts training the local choir. It is on Hulu for free with English subtitles.

Watch Watch As it is in Heaven

The Millennium trilogy online

You can find all three Millennium trilogy films based on the books by Stieg Larsson on Hulu. Here is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but The Girl who played with Fire and the Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest is also there.

Watch The Millenium Trilogy

Norway – English Subtitled Norwegian films for free online

A lot smaller film industry compared to its neighbors, but not without excellent films. My favorite one is the 2006 film ‘Reprise’. Here i have found another pretty good free Norwegian film with English subtitles.

King Of Devil’s Island online

An excellent prison film in the line of riot films like Zero for Conduct. A big budget Norwegian production, with many non-professional actors.

Watch The King of Devil’s Island

Finland – Free Finnish films online with subs

Finland, mainly known for the masterpieces of Aki Kaurismaki, but there are a lot more great Finnish films online. Here I have found 2 particularly strong free Finnish films with English subtitles.

– Elokuu online

Terrific recent Finnish film from 2011 about a great summer in Finland.

– The White Reindeer online

A splendid old Finnish film from 1952 by Erik Blomberg which won a Golden Globe. It can be qualified to be a Scandinavian horror film online.

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