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Our overview of Free Turkish films online with English subtitles. I have selected the best public domain Turkish films available for free on Youtube and the latest ones on Hulu & Netflix. This means all legal streaming and downloading. Turkey, as a great film and tv country, has a lot to offer – from Turkish comedies online to drama’s with English subtitles online. 

Where to watch movies in Turkey? – Paid video services

Turkey does still not have access to services like Netflix and Hulu or HBO. But Turkish people do make use of free legal services like Mubi & Tivibu. Tivibu is used for both television and movies. You can also check out the Turkish Mubi or try renting movies via Itunes.

Free links

Turkish cinema is a huge part of Turkish national culture. In recent years Turkey has been producing excellent films that had great success within its own borders, but have also been picked up internationally. Especially in Europe and the Arab world due to the high amount of Turkish expats and immigrants (and second and third generation Turks abroad) who (stream) watch Turkish films online in large quantities. For them the Turkish film channel is an excellent paid website. They do not include Netflix, but Netflix also has a pretty large supply of Turkish films.

Great recent Turkish films are feature films like Innocence (1997), Vizontele (2001), Uzak (2002), Gegen Die Wand (2004 – watch in our German section), Three Monkeys (2008), Once Upon a time in Anatolia (2011) just to name a few. Although Turkey has never been nominated for an Oscar, the list of great Turkish films is endless.

For those who cannot read Turkish subtitles  or speak Turkish and would like to get introduced to Turkish cinema for free, I have made a selection of terrific free Turkish series and films online on Youtube.

Free Turkish films on Youtube with English subtitles

All these films are available on Youtube and the list will be updated regularly. We have placed German-Turkish films (Gegen die Wand, Auf der Anderen Seite) in our German film section. All our selected full films are with English subtitles. Either hardcoded or with the use of CC button.

Uzak online

One of my favorite Turkish films online. ‘Uzak’ or ‘Distant’ is an amazing drama film about a photographer who goes through an existential crisis when his wife leaves him. The film has been internationally successful, with amongst others awards from Cannes. It has been divided into several parts on Youtube.

40 online (2009)

Watch 40 online

What should you do when all of the sudden you find a bag full of money. 40 tries to answer this question, and shows that the solution is not as easy as you may think. This Turkish drama set in Istanbul is available via Hulu for free.

Free Turkish films in the Public Domain

Yarasa Adam Bedmen

Extremely low-budget but cult Turkish Superhero films Yarasa Adam Bedmen has been released into the public domain.

Let us know if you know of more good free Turkish film with English subtitles online!

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  1. Hi; I have recently been watching Calikusu 2013 series, i wanted to ask if anyone had the translation in english from episode 6 onwards, or knew a website i could access the translations.
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  2. I’ve searched everywhere for English subtitles with Ay Lav Yu. Is there a website that still has it up to watch?

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